My friends who study A level will come back China in June. I really admire them and I will miss them very much. The reason is when I study A level in summer holiday last year, they study together with me and encourage me. In this year, I also have to study foundation in summer holiday but without them. I feel so sad and lonely. One friend who comes from my hometown, she will come back China this week. She said she will eat foods that cooked by mom. It reminds me to think of my mother’s cook. When I dial the number to my mom, she said she buy a gift for me as my birthday present, although she cannot stay with me in my birthday party. I have not seen my pets for long time. I really want to touch them and play with them. I worry they will forget me. In addition, I also want to shop in China. The reason why is the product in England is too expensive with high rate of VAT. Now, I will show the photo for my pets.