The Education Difference Between UK and China

There are many differences between studying in China and in the UK

Initially, teaching style in my country tends to use cramming method.According to the standard of exam, teachers will enforce students to remember the points of subject. Therefore, when students see the question on the exam paper, they write the answers straightaway and without thinking. The advantage of this method is the students will get high scores in test and the disadvantage is the students do not know how to apply the knowledge in the daily life. Moreover, Chinese teachers are very strict, students cannot argue with teachers otherwise the school will punish students. In contrast, teaching style in UK is relax and flexible. In class, teachers like chatting and telling joke with students. Teachers tend to respect students which causes the relationship between teachers and students is very friendly. However, students should study independently because teachers do not arrange much homework for students.In China, students have lots of homework everyday and tests every week. It means students feel stressful and get lack of sleep time. Secondly, students in class in China and UK are friendly to each other. Although boys and girls tend to keep distance in China while there are many couples in school of UK. Then, the class size in China is very big which is around 50-60 people. Compared with China, the class size in UK is very small which contains only around 20 people for maximum. Finally, the expectations of teacher are different in China and UK.In China, teacher tends to help students get high mark in exam which leads them enter the better university. However, in UK, teachers help them to be the independent students and solve the problem by themselves. In addition, teacher also helps students to adapt the new environment.