Reflection of CIT

  CIT is the compulsory class in business foundation program. It is universally acknowledged that IT plays a pivotal role in business success, because in nowadays, the company tends to use computer to control business. For example, accounting is a career that using the electronic system to record the balance sheet and profit and loss account. Moreover, as the staff of the company, making the presentation is a basic skill for showing new products. Therefore, IT class provides a golden opportunity for us to practice the presentation for the future career life. Actually, I am really enjoy to create the presentation and it brings a lot of fun for me. However, Excel is a smart system which is used for making table and graphs, although it is not interesting as PPT.  It is obvious that excel is really useful and convenient. Excel is also a difficult one for me, because I rarely use this Microsoft before. It is much complex than PPT and word. I want to know more about funding a website for business. Since using internet is a tendency that business use it to sale  more products. However, I know it is much harder than we have studied before. In the class, in order to study a new topic, Mr. Dominic will organize a meeting before, especially for the topic of excel. We should do the task at class although he will impact how to reach the standard of topic at first. When we do the task, he always around us and prepare to help us. Obviously, he is a kind and patient teacher.