Reflection on main subjects


    I am studying business foundation in Bellerbys College, now. The reason why I study this program is I want to study the business subject in the university. In the future, I will undertake the responsible to take care of my father’s business. According to this program, I have understood how to operate a business and the basic theory of business, like SWOT Analysis. The most difficult subject for me is Economics. It is really hard that I cannot understand the graph and theory. Essay is another trouble for me especially we should combine with the graph.. Another problem is English and IELTS. For IELTS, listening and reading are hard for me to improve them. I want to know more about the practical business. I want to experience the real trade because this world is really realistic. Academic theory just help you to pass the exam, however, in the real life, we need more practical things. In my school, every teacher has their own teaching    methods. In my opinion, most teachers tend to chat with students and tell the joke to us. They try to let studying become more interesting.