Overall Term


   This is a really relax term because we just study 3 subjects in this term, namely Business Math, FES2 and CIT. I was really happy when I saw the time-table at the beginning of the term. Since the timetable indicates that there is only one class in the afternoon. However in the end of term, I should retake the Economics1 and IELTS test.

The difference between subjects

It is clear that three subjects are very different. More specifically, Business Math is easy for me because I have been studied math before. Teacher also mentioned that the grades of homework will not record on the final result which means you don’t need to worry about the results of homework. In contrast, FES2 was the most difficult subject among these three subjects. Because English is my second language and we should do a lot of coursework of writing. It is hard for me to get higher mark for writing. Obviously, we get a lot of homework of writing and reading. Nevertheless, CIT is a special subject that we don’t have final exam although we should finish different task at class or home. Generally, at this term, we spend much time to concentrate on our homework.

The progress

  During this term, I feel my English is improved, especially for listening. To be honest, I like CIT class because I studied many practical skills about IT, especially for excel. Excel is a kind of Microsoft office that I was rarely to use. However it is very useful for business task in the future, like accounting and the data report.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for me is FES2.English is still a big problem for me. In order to get higher mark for English, I remind myself to do the reading practice everyday, although the practice was very boring. Moreover, I make a plan which is to remember 5 new words everyday. I  realise it is a good way to improve English, not only for writing, but also for reading and speaking. According to my progress for the English, I think determination is the most significant factor. I always tell myself that you cannot give up because I believe the results must be good in the end. At the beginning of the term, I thought CIT was easy. However, I realised it was much harder than my imagination. Because I used to use the Microsoft Office in Chinese, but now I should understand the meaning of every option in English.

The relationship with classmates

 I feel appreciated to Bernessa who was my classmate and now she is my friend. She is always patient to answer my questions although some questions are too easy. I think foundation is better than A-level because you take same class with your classmates for long time which is good for you to build the friendship with your classmates. Not only Bernessa, but also Grace , Yihui and Sue. When we have long break time, we always choose to have a lunch outside. I really enjoy that time because you can chat with your friends and talk about some gossips. It was fantastic that we got an outing day this term which means we should have a nice dinner with classmates and our tutor. As Weicheng said it was a good memory with our classmates who come from different countries.

Our tutor

Importantly, Andy Gray is our tutor which is a really knowledgeable and kind man. Also he was our Economics teacher last term. We enjoy his class because he was humorous and patient to our question. As a tutor, he offers many advises for choosing university and subjects. We all feel lucky that he is our tutor.