Reflection of Foundation English


  I am studying  FES2  now which is the foundation English. The aim that I study thiscourse is to improve my English level and try to get the good grades in IELTS exam. Because the fist requirement that enter the university is the higher level of English result. However, at English class in Bellerbys College, it tends to be more academic. Teachers like to encourage students using academic words and focus on the cohesion between the sentence. It is much harder than general English. In the daily time, we always ignore the grammar problem and tend to use simple words. To be honest, I do not like the English class although it seems useful. The reason is the academic class is too boring and complex. We should remember a vast number of academic words. The most difficult one is reading and listening. For reading, I always find the wrong sentence respond to the question. For listening, I always ignore the key words. In the English class, I want to study the skill of reading and listening, In the terms of the teaching method, my teacher just concentrates on the writing at class. At home, we have a lot of time to practice reading and listening. In general, English class is good for us to improve our English level.